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Girl, 15, tragically dies after being st

Girl, 15, tragically dies after being struck by lightning while swimming in sea

A teenage girl has tragically died after being struck by lightning while swimming in the sea in the US, police said.

Emergency services raced to a spot in Tybee Island, Georgia at around 2:35pm on Saturday after reports of a fatal incident.


Lifeguards were already on the scene and giving the victim, 15, CPR when police arrived - but nothing could be done to save her.


The girl, who has not yet been named, was taken to hospital but later pronounced dead, Tybee Island Police Department said.


Lightning kills an average of 49 people in the US every year, according to reports.


And although it is more likely to strike land, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said that water can act as a conductor.



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Many migrants feared dead in Yemen boat

Many migrants feared dead in Yemen boat sinking

Dozens of African migrants are feared dead after a boat carrying them reportedly capsized off Yemen's coast.


Fishermen in Yemen's Lahj province told AFP news agency that they had recovered 25 bodies in the water near Ras al-Ara.


A provincial official said a boat with between 160 and 200 people on board had overturned in the area two days ago.


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said it was verifying reports that a vessel carrying a large number of migrants had sunk.

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South Sudan vaccinates 16,000 against co

South Sudan vaccinates 16,000 against coronavirus

The health authorities in South Sudan have said that they have so far vaccinated more than 16,000 people against Covid-19. South Sudan has a population of 13 million.


In March, the country received 132,000 doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine from the Covax facility, and another consignment of 59,000 doses from the African Union (AU) and South African telecom giant, MTN.


But the 59,000 doses donated by the AU could not be used as they expired on 13 April before South Sudan could start a vaccine rollout.


Other doses have been donated to neighbouring Kenya.


But now the vaccine programme has started.


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Statins can more than ­double risk of de

Statins can more than ­double risk of dementia for some users, study finds

Statins can more than double the risk of dementia for some users, according to new research.


The pills, which reduce fatty cholesterol, are one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the UK, with around eight million adults taking them daily to reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke.


More than 71 million prescriptions were dispensed in 2018 alone.


However, a new study shows that patients with mild cognitive impairment taking lipophilic statins more than double their risk of developing dementia compared to those who do not take statins.


Positron emission tomography (PET) scans of statin users revealed a “highly significant” decline in metabolism in the area of the brain that is first affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

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Toddler starved to death strapped in car

Toddler starved to death strapped in car seat after his mum fatally overdosed on meth

A toddler who died strapped to his car seat starved to death after his mum fatally overdosed on meth, an autopsy has revealed.

The tragic tot's three-year-old sister seemingly tried to care for him as discarded morsels of food were found all around him.


As the full chilling details emerged this week it was revealed the woman could have been dead for 'several days' before she was found.

Tiffany Spears, 32, and her 15-month-old son, Nicholas Crowder, were both found dead at their home in Portland, US, in February and the results of their autopsies were released on Monday.


Davidson County Assistant Medical Examiner Emily Dennison revealed that Spears' cause of death was 'acute combined drug toxicity from methamphetamine and fentanyl.'


Her young son Nicholas was said to have died due to 'starvation and dehydration.'


They were both deaths that were ruled as accidental.

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Boy, 3, airlifted to hospital after bein

Boy, 3, airlifted to hospital after being run over by caterpillar ride at fairground

A three-year-old child was reportedly left covered in blood after being run over by a caterpillar ride.


The boy, who has not been named, had to be airlifted to hospital after sustaining a serious injury to his back in the freak accident at a fairground in West Sussex.


Witnesses saw him lying face down and said he had been unable to get back on his feet after being hit by the ride at the South of England Showground in Ardingly.


It is believed the child managed to get through a gap at the entrance of the ride when he was hit.


An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has now been launched.

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